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Singing Lessons Exeter

I'm Riaz Ahmad, a professional singing teacher based in Exeter. I offer professional Singing lessons in the Exeter area.

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Riaz Ahmad - Professional Singing Teacher

Singing Lessons Exeter Teacher - Riaz Ahmad
My Mission

Professional Singing Lessons

My lesson plans aim to combine learning technique, singing songs and having fun!

I’m a member of AOTOS, the Musicians’ Union and regularly attend conferences to improve my skills, learn new techniques and then implement it during lessons.


Horseguards, Exeter, EX4

Singing Teacher

Riaz Ahmad
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My Lessons

All Ages & Abilities Welcome

I accept students from the ages of 14 and above. I think it is very important to learn from this age as it means you can get a proper understanding of music theory and everything else surrounding it.

I welcome students of all levels and abilities - so whether you are just starting this exciting journey of learning how to sing or need to brush up your skills and prepare for important events, I will make sure that my singing lessons with suit your needs.


£34 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

Singing lessons for all levels to help any student achieve their goal in singing.

Lesson Focus

Beginners Welcome

I have experience in teaching both beginner and advanced students

My Experience as a Teacher

I am an experienced teacher who has been teaching for a number of years. I have also been singing for as long as I can remember. I also have vast experience in performing live with various groups.

Singing has been a passion throughout my life, but I’ve only really found my voice in the last few years and I’d like to help others experience the same. Singing is a wonderful form of self-expression, sharing and connecting with the world and oneself.

Lessons Focus

Learn When You Like

Take lessons as and when you like

More About My Lessons

I pride myself on making sure my lessons are always fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. One of the key aspects of progressing with a hobby is to enjoy it. With that in mind, I will always make sure you enjoy the lessons to the best of my ability.

I will always make sure we focus on the correct technique whilst singing. A lot of people are sometimes held back because they aren't using the correct posture whilst singing. This is something I will pay great attention too.

I teach all genres, with particular focus on contemporary styles including pop and musical theatre.

Teacher Tips

All Genres

I can offer tuition in a wide range of styles and genres

Music Shops in Exeter

We are lucky enough to have a great local music scene and a good amount of music stores to support the scene. Here are a couple of the best options.

Project Music is a professional guitar shop in Exeter. They work very closely with guitar builders to be sure that they get perfect instruments in their shop. Project Music will be a perfect match for singers - guitar players. You can find this shop at 16 Bartholomew Street, East Exeter, EX4 3BG.

Mansons Guitars, is the best place to go if you want a wide range of acoustic guitars and electric guitars. They also have great staff who will help you pick out the correct instrument. You can find the shop at Mccoys Arcade, Fore St, Exeter EX4 3AN.

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Singing Lessons Exeter Teacher - Riaz Ahmad
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I can help you to

I'm an experienced singing teacher who can help you rapidly improve your singing as well as gaining a solid grounding of theory. I will create a lesson plan that suits your wants and needs. Our lessons together will always be both enjoyable and informative. For more information, feel free to drop me an email.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

I offer one-hour lessons at £34 per lesson to all of my students as I feel an hour is enough time to cover enough to see some rapid progress.

I teach all my singing lessons for a home studio in Horseguards.

At the moment, I welcome students from the ages of 14 and above to attend my singing lessons.

Frequency of lessons is your choice - the majority of my students take weekly 1 hour lessons with a few taking them on a fortnightly basis.

a. The Client must pay in full for any session that s/he has not cancelled 24 hours before the session is due to take place, whether or not s/he attends the session, precluding illness/injury.

b. If a Client arrives late for a session, I reserve the right to finish at the time the session was originally due to end, although I will aim to extend for the extra time if I can.

c. If I have to cancel a session at any time, I will do my best to arrange another time to meet which is as near as possible to the original date.

Please do not come to your lesson with any communicable illness as this could be passed on to other professional students, costing them gigs and money! If you feel you are getting ill, please reschedule within the 24 hour notice period.

Still have questions? Get in touch
Singing Lessons Exeter Music Studio Address


Horseguards, Exeter, EX4
Teaching Space
I currently take the majority of my lessons from my studio in Horseguards, Exeter. I feel this is a great place to learn because I have created a comfortable environment for my students to learn and feel at ease whilst learning. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
Ready to start?

I would be delighted to help you to learn how to sing. Get in touch to find out more about my singing lessons in Exeter.

Singing Teacher

Riaz Ahmad
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