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Welcome to Singing Lessons Leicester! Learn singing with a highly qualified and experiences vocal tutor Laura Ratcliffe. Having studied the concept based on the idea that singing is simply an accessible extension to your natural speaking voice, potentially leading to limitless range, control and stamina, Laura uses those principles in lessons to pass on to students. Laura is still a working musicians and is a part of a duo “Mia and the Moon”. Click the link below to get more information!

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Music Shops Leicester:

Music Junkie, located in Unit 1 Metropolitan Apartments, 20 Lee Circle, Leicester, LE1 3RF, is a great place to find musical instruments for singers-songwriters (guitars for acoustic performances or studio gear for recording).

IntaSound offers not only the PA & Live Sound accessories and microphones, but also any equipment to make your own recording studio. They are based on 70 Narborough Road, Leicester, LE3 0BR.

MH Music would be a good shop to get any type of instruments needed to make music. Instruments repair, hire/rental is available. The shop can be found on 7, St. Mary’s Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7DS.

Music Courses Leicester:

Developing yourself as a musician is a process that never stops. Many singers take different courses to upgrade their skills. There are a lot of music courses in Leicester available to all musicians.

Music and sound technology course at Leicester College is designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to work as a professional in this industry. Students receive small group tuition on their main instrument, study the history of popular music; music business; music technology; musicianship and composition. Also they will cover things such as: backstage technical theatre; concert production; stage and theatre lighting; live sound and stage management.

Music, Technology and Performance BA (Hons), delivered by De Montfort University, is a great course for those willing to combine their music-performance skills and passion with technology to create their own original music and new ways of performing. Topics covered are improvisation, electronic-instrument building, human-computer interaction, the role of the human body in performance, site-specific and installation work, appropriated technology, live performance with film, interacting with artists in other art forms and the relationship between the recording and performing musician.