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About Singing Lessons London

Maria Hernandez, a singing teacher at Singing Lessons London
Maria Hernandez is a professional vocal teacher based in Central London teaching students of all abilities.

Welcome to Singing Lessons London! My name is Maria Hernandez, I am a professional singing teacher based in central London. I work with a small team of highly-experienced singing teachers based across London, including south London, central London, east London and west London. So I know we have the right singing tutor for you, based nearby. Scroll down the page to find your nearest singing teacher, or just get in touch and I would be happy to recommend a suitable guitar teacher for you.

Singing Lessons in central London

With years of experience, I offer high-quality singing lessons to students of all ability levels. I am currently a mobile teacher. This means that I will visit you for the lessons and you will have the luxury of taking the lessons in a familiar place.

Here is a quick summary of my lessons:

  • All Ages welcome
  • £25 for 50 min lesson
  • All styles catered for
  • Mobile Teacher
  • Highly experienced with young learners

I am a highly qualified vocalist holding a Degree in Journalism as well as a BA (Hons) in Creative Musicianship vocals. I am also highly experienced having started singing at the age of 3, having completed a professional musical theatre course in Madrid as well as experience in playing live in Spain, UK and the USA.

My approach to teaching is clear. That is to make sure my students are as comfortable as possible. This is one of the reasons why the lessons take place in your own home. I feel this is a big factor towards helping my students feel comfortable. I will use all my experience to make sure your lessons are as rewarding as possible.

Beginner students are more than welcome. I have a wide range of experience in teaching beginners & helping them gain the confidence they need to find their voice. I am also highly experienced in teaching teenagers and adults. My goal is to make sure everyone enjoys their lessons to the best of my teaching ability. If you want to book a lesson or have any questions simply get in touch by contacting me on the details below.

Email: [email protected] | Call: 07761 497985 | Request a call-back

Lessons & Costs

My lessons are focussed on built upon creating a supportive and creative environment. drawing on my many years of experience both teaching and performing, I will help you find the confidence to find your own voice whilst still paying close attention to positive technique. I also feel a big part of learning properly is that we try to focus on the music you love.

I welcome students of all abilities. I’ve experienced teaching at all levels so whether you are an experienced vocalist and have a certain goal in mind or have no idea where to start, I will make a comfortable lesson course to suit your own needs. For my younger students, I feel I have the rare ability to help them really unlock and discover their potential.

I charge £25 per 50-minute lesson. This price is for my mobile lessons which means I will visit you for your lessons so you can take the lessons from the comfort of your own home. If you have any more questions about my lessons please email me at [email protected]


“Fun and effective, I already see improvements in my singing” – Ned

“Maria is great teaching piano, she helps you develop your musicality” – Harry

“Before having Maria as a teacher, I couldn’t read the easiest chart, with her help I am getting there” – Athena

“My daughter enjoys her piano lessons very much! She learns songs, techniques and has fun playing musical games” – Leanne’s mum

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As a professional singing teacher, I really encourage my students to give feedback. Please use the review system below to rate my lessons. Alternatively, if you have the time please leave a more detailed review by visiting my profile page: Maria Hernandez – Teacher Reviews,


Where are Vocal lessons held in central London?

I am currently a mobile teacher. This means I will take the time to travel to you for your lessons. This is great because you will feel at ease in the comfort of your own home which means we can make so much more progress in a shorter amount of time.

Music Shops London:

Hobgoblin London, located at 24 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JA. Great store of folk instruments, guitars and world percussion.

Yamaha Music London, located at 152-160 Wardour Street Soho, London, W1F 8YA. Ideal for grand and upright pianos, as well as all popular instruments. Also boasts a wealth of sheet music books.

Musicroom London, located at 11 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LS. Great for acoustic & electric guitars, as well as pianos in the basement – a good selection of sheet music too.

Howarth of London, located at 31 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 7PN. Woodwind specialists and internationally known for their oboes and English horns.

Wunjo Guitars, located on Denmark Street, London, WC2H. Arguably London’s leading guitar store, with all the brands that you could desire as a guitarist (Fender, Martin & Co., Gretsch, Gibson & many more).

Singing Courses in London:

It is never too late to get more knowledge and become a higher qualified singer. London has a good range of courses for those wishing to get themselves to the next level in the industry.

Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance offers a great 3 years Actor Musicianship BA (Hons) course which consists of practical, Drama UK accredited training for actors who have musical skills. You will be guided by highly qualified professionals who will help you to develop the skills of the actor musician.

At the University of Westminster anyone who wishes to become an innovative music creative and wants develop a style relevant to the contemporary music industry can take up a Commercial Music Performance BMus Honours course. This course helps students to understand what the modern music market is based on.

If you already have gained the degree you wanted but still is eager to develop your skills more, a one year Cert HE Creative Music Practise course at LCCM is a good option – you will meet people who share both the passion for music and a wish to form a band. During the course all necessary skills for that will be developed.

University of West London offers a wonderful BA (Hons) Live Sound Production course run by London College of Music. Here each student gets a chance to gain knowledge and experience of the key elements in live sound and events. Live sound-engineering, system design, recording techniques, acoustics and event management are the key components of the course.