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Hitting all right notes in Norwich will be a breeze with some expert tuition from our talented vocal coaches. Our three singing teachers that cover Norwich and the wider area all offer something different. So no matter what your style or experience then we have you covered. Jake Barlow is a renowned performer in his own right, coming through the choral ranks at Oxford University. As Choral Scholar at Norwich Cathedral, Jake has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on. He has performed across Europe and is therefore an ideal mentor in classical, operatic and more. 

Jacob Swindells is another fantastic choice for singing lessons in the city. Holding a BA in Music from Oxford University, he is a Choral Scholar at Norwich Cathedral. Jacob has experience performing and teaching musical theatre, classical and popular music. He is also the perfect guide to getting through Music Theory and school exams in music. Jacob says that his teaching can be “helpful for enthusiastic choral singers looking to increase vocal ease, health and resonance.”

Alixandrea Corvyn is a great option for singers in the Norwich who are looking to hit the stage and get the most from pop, rock and folk music. Alixandrea has over twenty years experience of performing and as a result she can pass on all of her tips and tricks to budding vocalists. She aims to give learners a voice that is “full of emotion and unmistakeably yours.”

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Music Shops Norwich:

Cookes has been a Norwich institution since 1887. This fantastic independent business at 34 St. Benedicts Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4AQ is chock full of instruments, sheet music and more. 

PMT have a branch of one of their fabulous stores at 67-73 New Botolph Street, Norwich, NR3 1DT. The store has an unbeatable selection of instruments, accessories, stage equipment and more, making it especially relevant to singers looking to play live. 

St George’s Music Shop at 17-19 St Georges St, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1AB is the one stop shop for sheet music in Norwich. It has a wealth of music on offer, as well as instruments and accessories. 

Music Venues in Norwich:

Norwich has further education opportunities for scholarly singers who want to study and consequently take their lessons to the next stage. 

City College Norwich has higher education course for school leavers, such as a Music Diploma Level 3, Musical Theatre Diploma Level 3 and Performing Music Diploma Level 2. These courses can therefore be a great gateway for university education. 

Access Creative College have a Norwich campus, and the breadth of courses on offer make it a tantalising prospect for singers and musicians. As well as courses in performance, sound technology and even songwriting, there is also a Vocal Artist Level 3 course that is perfect for getting your mic skills up to scratch. 

The University of East Anglia does not have specific music courses in its programme. However, the well equipped UAE Music Centre is open to all students and offers tuition, events and more.