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Hi! I am Owen Evans, I am a professional guitar tutor in all styles from Metal to Blues to Pop & everything in-between. I provide lessons all over the world via online courses, webinars & One to one online lessons.

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I have helped many guitarists just like you to master new riffs, improve finger speed and endurance, and most of all reach that next level in their guitar playing.

My online guitar lessons are focused on ensuring you learn through the music that inspired you to pick up a guitar – whether that is pop, rock, metal or blues.

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Student Testimonials

We have a thriving online guitar student community – including members from all around the world. You can read what they think of our Skype lessons below:

Camm Guitar Student

“I have had lessons with Owen for 4 years now and because of Owen’s fun teaching style I have enjoyed every second of it” – Cammy

“Owen has been teaching me for 6 years now, His lessons are exciting and fun. He is very down to earth and we always learn music that I am interested in. Owen’s teaching style helps me progress very quickly & I feel his lessons are very beneficial to my playing” – Alan

Alistair Guitar Student
“After having lessons in person also, Owen’s online lessons are just as exciting and we always learn the music that I am interested in. He has been teaching me for over 3 years now and I feel I have progressed so much in that time” – Alistair

“I really enjoy Skype lessons with Owen because we still learn as much as we would in a normal lesson because its like he is there in person. It is really enjoyable and my family love to see my progress” – Seid

How it works:

So many people these days seem surprised when I say I teach guitar online, most people assume that you can only teach guitar in person. This isn’t the case, I actually find that learning guitar from the comfort of your own home can be very beneficial to the learning process. Having taught for over 8 years majority face to face lessons I can honestly say that after the 1 or 2 lesson settling in period there is no difference in the style of teaching. Skype guitar lessons can, therefore, be a really effective way of learning to play the guitar. 

All you need is an internet connection of at least 3mbps & a working camera & obviously a guitar! It’s as simple as that. I will then tailor the lessons to your goals & needs as I understand not everyone wants to learn the same style of music, Thankfully I have experience in teaching all styles so whether you want to learn 2/3 chords or you want to be the next Hendrix I’ve got it covered.

With regards to payment Paypal is the safest option for all parties. If this won’t work we can try to look into other options that work for you. Payment must be received at least 30 mins before the scheduled lesson is due to start. 

About Your Online Guitar Teacher

Hey there I am Owen Evans, a professional guitar tutor, session musician & member of various bands. Ever since I knew how to think for my self my main passion & goal in life has been guitar and to better my guitar playing in a wide range of styles.

I reflect this drive and passion across with my teaching style however I believe that it is important to realise every persons goals are different & I cater every lesson to the individuals needs & towards what you want to learn. So whether you are an advanced player or a player who has never played before, I am sure to be able to help you! 

Skype Guitar Teacher - Owen Evans

Using over 8 years experience teaching together we can achieve any goal that you may have whether that is learning a song by your favourite band of any genre or by improving your songwriting skills.

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1 Hour – £30 / $40

1/2 Hour – £15 / $22

Special offer – book four lessons for the price of three!

Special offer of four lessons for the price of three requires payment in advance – after the four lesson promotion, students must pay full price for additional lessons. To find out more about this great offer email me on [email protected] or fill out the contact form below.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Your internet connection must be at least 3mbps, you can test this here –
  • You need your own guitar & Skype, download Skype for free here –
  • Payment must be received 30 mins before lesson at the very latest.

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