In late 2017 I had the pleasure of talking with Adrian Holovaty, founder of Soundslice – a web-based music-learning software that has rapidly grown to become one of the best music education tools on the internet. The premise of the software is to make learning new music as simple as possible, it does this by seamlessly combining the music score (standard music notation/tablature/chord charts) with video content – syncing them together so you can read the music while watching and listening to how the music is being played by the teacher or musician.

This holistic approach to learning is central to Soundslice’s philosophy as a business, enabling their users to rapidly learn new music by facilitating knowledge acquisition through combining two visual components of the written music (notation/tablature/chord charts) and actual performance video, with the audio component of the song itself. As the demo video above demonstrates, Soundslice presents all three components in an incredibly clean and user-friendly manner.

It is of little surprise, therefore, that Soundslice has received such fantastic reviews from musicians and music teachers internationally, with users noting that “the interface is clean, organized, simple and effective” (Kevin Carroll) and that “people on my website are learning things faster now that I’ve incorporated Soundslice” (Ben Howington).

Indeed, having spoken with many music schools and independent guitar teachers over the last six months who actively use Soundslice, often incorporating it as a central learning tool for their students, it is a software that comes highly recommended from fellow music professionals. The software itself can be used in a myriad of different ways, from the point of view as a learner who can assess free or paid for tuition content directly from the Soundslice Store, or from the point of view as a music teacher who can create & sell private courses, share privately created content with students or even incorporate Soundslice directly into their website.

The variety of ways to use Soundslice hold different, yet very accessible price points, to enable the software to needly fit into your needs – whether that is as a music student, music teacher or music school. If you are interested in finding out how Soundslice can help you, or your students, learn music more rapidly then don’t hesitate to reach out to them via the contact information below.


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