Steve Fricker – Professional Guitar Teacher

Steve Fricker - Guitar Teacher

We are delighted to feature Steve Fricker as our national guitar teacher of the week this week. Based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Steve has over 15 years guitar teaching experience, having helped hundreds of students to develop their guitar playing ability.

Steve is able to take students through graded exams should wish to, from Grade 1 right up until Grade 8, with Rock School (Electric & Acoustic) and RGT (Acoustic) exam syllabi. Recommended as a “wonderful and reliable tutor” by parent David Stewart and a “fantastic guitar teacher…with expert knowledge” by Ewen and Lisa McKinnon, Steve utilises his previous experience teaching in West London schools to provide lessons that are ideal for younger learners in Oxfordshire.

Yet, his lessons are certainly not restricted to younger learners only, with adults of all ages welcome to take lessons either at his home teaching space or guitar lessons via Skype, to students around the world. With Steve’s ability to offer lessons via platforms like Skype, it is amazing to think that you can take lessons with such an experienced teacher, indeed a teacher that his students cite as “the best guitar teacher in our area”, no matter where you are based in the UK.

Alongside his teaching, Steve has also released two albums on iTunes, and most recently a new single named “Vampires”, which will resonate with fans of guitarists like Marc James (Verra Cruz), for its bluesy high gain lead guitar riffs that traverse into smoother music during spoken word verses. This ability and drive to continue to compose and record music is certainly a benefit to his students who can gain a great insight into this process. It is also a fantastic example of a guitar teacher who remains a passionate and active musician alongside his teaching – something that is the key to continuing to be a motivated and inspiring guitar teaching.

Students interested in starting guitar lessons across Oxfordshire should certainly get in touch with Steve to find out what he can offer them!

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