Teacher's Biography:

Hi, I'm Jonathan. In 2013 I completed BA Music at the University of Southampton, where I was trained by pianist, Helen Cawthorne. I then completed a Masters Degree in Music at City University London and now work as a professional musician; teaching piano, composing and performing full-time across London.

I have been playing the piano for twenty-one years, achieving Grade 8 in 2009.
Since graduating with first-class marks in performance, I have applied my knowledge in teaching, as well as performing and composing.

I am passionate about helping others gain confidence through music.

Although classically trained, I have performance experience in a wide variety of styles - so whether you are looking to work towards classical grades, find out the chords to your favourite pop or jazz piece, or even learn how to improvise, it would be my pleasure to assist you in your journey.

Teaching experience:

I have been teaching the piano for ten years now, helping students with grades, aural skills and theory. As well as teaching the piano to children, I also teach adults, which sometimes calls for a more casual approach to teaching, depending on the individual. At times, I have taught up to fifteen students on a weekly basis.

I have experience in working with children in schools, both whole classes and 1:1. Between 2015-2017 I worked at a leading West London Prep School, teaching whole classes between the ages of 7 and 11 many different elements of musicianship and performance. I also volunteered in a number of primary schools across Southern England, engaging young ears in the fundamentals of music.

I have also spent time in secondary schools, providing support for individuals in the classroom and encouraging enthusiasm for the subject and its potential for creativity. I taught the children keyboard skills 1:1, and helping them complete classroom tasks, which required help with understanding basic theory.

Today, I very much enjoy what I do as a professional musician, particularly the process of helping others learn.

Where it is right for the individual, I use ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) for exams and tend to complete all the administration/paperwork myself to make things easier for you.

Every student I have entered into exams has passed - many with merits and distinctions.

Teaching approach:

I adapt to individuals with ease, teaching in a relaxed, supportive and friendly way. I'm a dedicated and passionate teacher with a thorough approach, always getting the best out of the individual. I strive for accuracy and detail where necessary, but without it becoming repetitive - for me, the most important objective of a lesson is that they are fun, engaging, and rewarding.
I am intuitive and always work efficiently, trying to make the most of the time available.

In my experience, one-to-one tutoring is effective in the sense that a topic or playing technique can be explained fully without classroom distractions. Although I enjoy inspiring a learner with a particularly stimulating aspect of a topic, I also like them to discover the mysteries of it themselves, which reinforces their own understanding of what they are playing.

Above all, I like to challenge my pupils, especially if they show me they are working hard. If I think a child is capable of something, I will encourage them to try it, even if it seems a little daunting to them. Because more often than not, the quality of the result exceeds their own personal expectation, which motivates them and fuels success. The most rewarding part of the job, for me, is seeing a student pleased with themselves in what they have achieved.

Please get in touch for more information or to arrange a trial lesson. I would be delighted to hear from you!


Music Qualifications / Achievements:

  • MA Music (Merit) – City University London
  • BA Music (2:1) – University of Southampton
  • A Level in Music – Edexcel
  • GCSE in Music – OCR
  • Grade 8 Piano – ABRSM
  • Grade 8 Singing – ABRSM
  • Grade 5 Theory – ABRSM


"Great tutor, our daughter looks forward to the lessons and is progressing well with her piano." - Janet

"Jonathan has taught piano to my 7-year-old son for over a year. He is an excellent teacher, who is liked and respected by my son. I have no reservations about recommending Jonathan to others, and I have always found him professional, reliable and friendly." - Lauretta

"Jonathan has been the ideal teacher for our 7-year-old son. In a short space of time, he has taken him from complete beginner to a level that is really pleasant to listen to. I like that my son looks forward to his lesson and is keen to practice." - Yoko

"Jonathan has been teaching piano to my son (7.5 years) since the beginning of the year and I can say that my son is really enjoying the piano lesson and has made good progress. Jonathan is finding many different exercises so my son can increase his practice of piano on many aspects." - Isabelle

"Jonathan is absolutely great with our daughter. She is really enjoying the lessons and it's one of the only lessons she is actually disappointed about if it isn't happening for one reason or another. V pleased." - Cally

"Jonathan is simply an excellent tutor. He initially helped structure a learning plan for me, ensuring we will cover all the learning points needed to prepare me for my Grade 5 ABRSM piano exam. I now feel confident and motivated to follow this plan with Jonathan and obtain the Distinction I am aiming for!

During lessons, Jonathan is extremely proficient at teaching, guiding me through any difficulties with encouragement and patience.

Before taking lessons with Jonathan, I taught myself piano for a year, believing a tutor was unnecessary. However, I strongly urge any similarly minded individuals to try a lesson with him. Beyond the excellent teaching of scales, fingering, pedalling etc. It is Jonathan's high-level music knowledge that really has been invaluable. I have played him pieces I already "knew" (in terms of correct notes, fingering, pedalling etc.) and he was able to analyse my individual playing and discuss with me the intentions of the composer, how particular phrasing indicates this, how a piece should be played in the context of the time period/composer etc. and based off of that he has helped to raise the standard of my playing to a new level. That's not something I was getting from Youtube! Most of all, however, the lessons are extremely enjoyable. It's always good fun – especially the time we devote to learning jazz improvisation at the end of each session. Nothing is more fun than jazzing it up!" - Zafar


To book your first lesson with me, or to find out more about my lessons, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing me on [email protected].

Has Been Teaching Music For

10 Years+


Mobile Teacher

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DBS Certification

Standard DBS

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Genres Covered

Classical, Pop, Jazz, Folk

5 reviews for Jonathan Southard


Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable and able to share his expertise with my daughter who is 12 and really just learning. He is patient but challenging and always allows my daughter to develop at her pace. Jonathan is a pleasure to be around and always works to be flexible with our lessons. I would highly recommend him as a piano teacher.


Jonathan has tutored my wife and I in piano for about 18 months now. We’ve both found him to be extremely personable and polite. He always shows up on time and demonstrates the flexibility we need to fit in with our lifestyle.
We’ve both made solid progress in the past 18 months, held back only by our own inability to practice as much as we should. Jonathan has demonstrated great patience with both of us, and gently pushes us to improve without going overboard.
He tailors the lessons to suit each of us, keeping things more technical for my wife, and more basic practical for me.
We both recommend him for anybody looking for a reliable, friendly teacher who will tailor tuition to suit your tastes and needs.


Jonathan has been teaching my daughter for a few months now and she is enjoying her lessons.


Jonathan is an excellent piano tutor. Very professional, punctual and trustworthy. He’s been teaching my daughter since April this year and she’s made great progress in every way. She loves her lessons and she is a big fan of him. I’d definitely recommend him.


Jonathan is an excellent tutor for my 5 years old daughter. She is looking forward for her piano lessons every week.
He is punctual and has dedication and passion for teaching music. He also shows a lot of patience with my daughter and keeps her engaged.
My daughter knew nothing when she started with Jonathan and only after 3 months, she is able to read and play some pieces in introductory books on her own.
We are very pleased with Jonathan and happy to recommend him.

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