Nat Yelverton

  • Prices: £30 per hour
  • Location: N8 0BU / Mobile Teacher
  • Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano
  • Ages: 7+
  • Genres Covered: Rock/Blues, Jazz, Pop/Funk, Classical, Country
  • Contact: [email protected]

Teacher's Biography:

Hi! My name is Nat, and I'm a North London based Guitar / Piano Teacher and Professional Musician. I offer lessons in guitar (electric, acoustic, classical, bass, ukulele) and piano. I also teach music theory and composition.

For over 25 years, I've taught students of ALL ages and levels, so whatever your background I'm confident I'll be able to help you build and improve your musical skills. My teaching style is friendly but focused and is designed to help you play better as quickly as possible and have a great time doing it!

Music Qualifications / Achievements:

  • HND Jazz Performance Guitar / Bass Guitar
  • Grade V 'Cello
  • Over 25 years teaching experience in a wide range of settings
  • 23 years of live performance experience on bass and guitar
  • 5 Years Lecturing Experience in an FE/HE College
  • Competence using music sequencing software such as Logic, Cubase & Ableton Live
  • Skilled guitarist & bass guitarist with solid keyboard skills. I also play and teach ukulele
  • Extensive music theory knowledge in Jazz & Classical Music
  • Music transcription and aural skills


"I've known Nat for about three years now, I started attending guitar lessons when I was fourteen and I switched to bass the next year. Nat has been extremely flexible in planning lessons around what I wished to learn and was patient throughout my learning, which was incredibly helpful as I didn't come naturally or exceptionally quickly to music. He is a very down-to-earth guy and on top of that is an absolutely brilliant teacher who helped me build up my repertoire of theoretical and practical music and bass skills and he is a bloody good musician too, which helps. Might I add that he also makes a mean cup of tea! I'd recommend Nat for just about any casual, amateur or the more full-time and hardcore music students." - Luke Smith

"I had a very specific requirement regarding my guitar tuition which transcended beyond learning to play songs and towards the development of an individualistic style based on established styles and techniques. Though hard to explain, Nat got this immediately and tailored an individualized learning programme that is producing some fantastic creative results. The greatest challenge is confining such inspired teaching and learning within the hour session." - Emas Mail

"Nat's been teaching me for about a year and he's radically improved my playing. The improvements that I've made has been with accuracy, musical theory and how to use my guitar effects/amp. I've also started to play more fingerstyle techniques something I never thought I would do. Nat observes your playing and provides real tips on how to improve. If you are looking for a teacher I highly recommend him!"  - Manoj Jangra

"I've been having lessons with Nat for a couple of years, both electric guitar and bass guitar. Nat’s knowledge about different instruments and music styles has made me want to learn more about styles and techniques I wasn't that interested to start with, mainly due to the fact that he enjoys doing the lessons and exploring different things as much as myself when we are in class. My instrument skills, music theory, improvisation, all have improved a lot since I started with him." - Dan Hall


To book your first lesson with me, or to find out more about my lessons, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing me on [email protected].

Has Been Teaching Music For

5 Years+


N8 0BU / Mobile Teacher

Youngest Student Age Taught


DBS Certification

Enhanced DBS

Public Liability Insurance


Genres Covered

Rock/Blues, Jazz, Pop/Funk, Classical, Country

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You can see where I teach my lessons from in the Google Map below, my full teaching address will be disclosed on booking your first lesson. I am also a mobile music teacher so can travel to you to teach you in the comfort of your own home – for more information simply get in touch.

13 reviews for Nat Yelverton


I’ve had piano lessons with Nat for more than a year now, and I can say that I have improved a lot in my technique with the instrument and knowledge of music in general. We have explored different genres of music, learning things from each one of them, making the overall experience both interesting and comfortable.


Of the several guitar teachers I have had over the 13 years I have been playing, Nat is undoubtedly the best. He is extremely passionate about the guitar and music in general, and has taken an active interest in my progress, always going far beyond the bassline of what would be formally required of him. As I am interested in learning jazz, Nat has taken the time to upgrade his teaching resources to specifically accomodate my needs, and has provided me with pre-prepared materials as well as devised new systems, databases and playlists that make this challenging area of music fun and approachable. In addition to his high technical level, Nat is adept in his understanding of music theory, and is always able to help you to see deeper patterns in the music you are playing and to appreciate deeper possibilities and fresh angles you could not have considered. I would actually give higher than a 5 star rating if possible, as Nat’s teaching has far exceeded any expectations I might have had.


I’ve been having piano lesson from Nat for a few months now. He’s friendly, cheerful encouraging, and incredibly knowledgeable about music theory, making this pretty daunting side of things interesting and accessible. He obviously puts time into thinking and planning out sessions beforehand, choosing music well matched to my interests and level of playing. He challenges me with the work I put in outside of lesson times and I always feel like I come away having learned a good handful of things each session. My playing level and knowledge are increasing well with his teaching and I can really feel the progress – I just need to find more practise time to get through everything he manages to cover in a lesson! Cheers Nat.


Nat has been helping me get to grips with music theory on the Guitar for several months now. He’s got a great breadth of knowledge, he’s patient and supportive and tries a wide range of different approaches to make the learning interesting.


Nat is a first-class teacher. He makes lessons stimulating, challenging and fun. He has taught me piano and my son electric guitar and he tailors the lessons brilliantly to our individual levels, musical interests and styles.


I had zero experience in piano or music when I started with Nat. In few months I have improved a lot my technique and understanding of music theory, and I am already able to have a lot of fun with the instrument, which is exactly what I was looking for. He’s really passionate about music and has a vast understanding in a lot of different genres, and you can perceive that during the lessons. I would totally recommend him!


I found Nat to be a great teacher for the piano. I’d never played one before and Nat guided me through all the theory, terminology and practicality with great patience and explanation.


Nat teaches piano to my boys aged 11 and 8. He makes sure the lessons are full and fun, and is sensitive to their interests and temperaments. I wanted a teacher who didn’t turn piano and music into a chore to be resisted and Nat is spot on – it feels like they are being taught by a terrific musician who is also able to teach inspiringly and they respond well to that.


I’ve been having lessons with Nat for a couple of years, both electric guitar and bass guitar. Nat’s knowledge about different instruments and music styles has made me want to learn more about styles and techniques I wasn’t that interested to start with, mainly due to the fact that he enjoys doing the lessons and exploring different things as much as myself when we are in class. My instrument skills, music theory, improvisation, all have improved a lot since I started with him.


Really great teacher and an all round nice guy. Gave me a good mix of theory and practice. And demonstrated patience with my lack of musical talent that may have qualified him for sainthood! If he can teach me to play guitar, he can pretty much teach anyone!


I had lessons on guitar and electric bass from Nat. He is not only a great musician, but genuinely talented and interested in teaching. I recommend his lessons highly.


I wanted to learn guitar for fun and for a new challenge. As a complete beginner, Nat made me believe I could learn to play and was very encouraging. He loves music and his enthusiasm is catching, he’s a great teacher and he makes good tea! If you’re thinking about learning guitar, I’d definitely recommend Nat.


I’ve been working with Nat on electric guitar for the last 5 months and have learnt a lot in a short space of time! The lessons are relaxed, the quality of teaching is high and the supporting materials are excellent. Nat’s also very happy to explain different styles and the theory behind the music. Highly recommended!

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