Ola Koziol

  • Prices: £25 per three-quarters of hour / £30 per hour
  • Location: Bristol BS1 3PL
  • Instrument(s) Taught: Singing
  • Ages: Children (8+) & Adults
  • Genres Covered: Classical, Pop, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Blues
  • Contact: [email protected]

Teacher's Biography

Can you speak? Then you can sing! Whether you want to prepare for exams and performance or you’re an absolute beginner that wants to start something new, face your fears and challenge yourself or find a space to relax and alleviate stress in a creative way, or to incorporate singing in your personal development, whatever it means to you, Ola can tailor the lessons around your needs.

She finds it vital to acknowledge the holistic nature of the voice. In the physical sense, it’s a group of muscles. The instrument is, in fact, our whole body with all its systems and complexity and it’s very important to understand how it works. Based on that an appropriate training can be applied, ensuring a healthy vocal technique that not only prevents damage of the voice but also helps to obtain the best timbre and extends the voice’s range.

In the psychological sense, the voice is our self: our opinions, beliefs, experiences and most importantly, all sorts of emotions with fears and shames as well as joys and excitements. That’s probably the most unique element of the instrument, but also most vulnerable and sensitive, therefore building a sense of trust, respect and boundaries plays a vital role during lessons with Ola. Music form, melody, harmony, rhythm and text is like creating a safe space for self-expression. To ensure that the latter can be achieved, she doesn’t limit her lessons only to the technique and expression but also includes elements of music theory and ear training.

Ola believes that a non-judgmental environment balanced with the teacher’s knowledge, experience, and constructive feedback is crucial for long term development. Learning to sing is a highly complex process and her role is to support the student throughout the course of it. Last but not least, it is your voice after all and if there is an expert on how it works, it is… you. Ola believes that you’ve got all the answers, you just need an appropriate environment and a coach who can help you to discover it within yourself.

Music Qualifications / Achievements

Ola has started her music education at the age of 6, attending music school where she learnt classical piano and singing as well as music theory and history. In 2012 she graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow in the field of Education and socio-cultural animation. During her time at university, she worked in a wedding band “Bolero Kwartet” as a leading vocalist.

From 2012 to 2014 she lived in York and was involved as a leading singer with a soul band called “Ian Key’s Soul Dream”. She then returned to Poland to study Music Education at the University of Silesia in Cieszyn. The program of study included classical piano and guitar, music theory and harmony, conducting and leading instrumental and vocal bands, music composition and arrangement and finally, jazz singing and improvisation in the vocal class of Bartosz Jaśkowski. She graduated in 2017 with a First Class Honours degree.

She’s also a former Associated Member of Internation Voice Teachers of Mix. The membership provided her with numerous opportunities to attend conferences and CPD teacher training where she could learn about healthy vocal technique and science of the voice. She had a chance to be trained in mix singing by Dean Kaelin, Teri Stock, Agata Piśko, Mary Ann Kehler, Dominika Płonka and Paulina Kujawska. She continuously tries to keep up to date with the latest available knowledge about voice and is currently during the process of learning Flow Phonation – a vocal technique created by dr Hubert Noe according to his latest findings on voice anatomy and physiology.


To book your first lesson with me, or to find out more about my lessons, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing me on [email protected].

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Teacher's Location

You can see where I teach my lessons from in the Google Map below, my full teaching address will be disclosed on booking your first lesson.

3 reviews for Ola Koziol


Ola is a wonderful sympathetic teacher. Who makes you feel at ease very quickly and manages the right balance between being reassuring and instructive. I have never felt uncomfortable at any of our lessons and have always sung to my best on the day – I think this is the mark of a good teacher. Really pleased with the progress I made with Ola and was glad to have made her acquaintance, as she really is a very kind and charming person. I highly recommend her to new students.


From the first encounter, I’m impressed by the talent and extraordinary personality. Professionalism, enormous vocal knowledge and gift to pass it. Ola approaches everyone individually, with opened heart and commitment. I’ve been learning vocal for 8 months now and lessons are like a soothing balsam for my soul. I highly recommend!


Aleksandra is a very skilled teacher of singing. She puts an emphasis on the technical part of singing as well as emotional. She focuses on each student individually and analyses one’s needs. She helped me very much with reaching high tones, which was very hard for me due to the fact that I couldn’t believe I can do it. She helped me to unblock myself by selecting proper exercises for me, for my individual problem and suddenly without even thinking about it I started to reach high tones

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