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Hi, I'm Ridgestone John a dedicated Guitarist inviting & welcoming new Students & Pupils to come on board and gain the benefits of my 20 years of experience in teaching the Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele & other strung, fretted instruments. Whichever of these instruments you would like to learn as a beginner or advanced player I can help you. My rates are a good value for money. I can travel anywhere in the County of Kent or you can have the lessons at my home & I can also do Skype Lessons whichever is convenient for you.

I am also available as a One Man Band performer/Last minute musician for your small function which I can provide at a very reasonable cost.

A self-taught musician, I first started playing the guitar during the “Hippie” Era. There were no such things as the Internet or YouTube in those days. There were no guitar teachers that I could learn from or that I knew of or were available to me. I gleaned what little I could from a guitar chord book of Beatles Songs from their Sargent Pepper’s Album. In the 1980s I learned further guitar chords and progressions from a Jethro Tull Guitar Chord Songbook. For 25 years I was stuck on Basic first position open Chords and that was about it.

In 1992 all that changed when I went to work for a community arts group in Gillingham. I was introduced to the Folk Music scene and spent 2 years as a Folk Music Floor Spot performer Playing the Guitar, Singing, Playing the Mandolin and Balalaika learning and improving as I went along studying very closely how other musicians played and used techniques. I gained enough confidence to start teaching the instrument as my playing ability during this time rapidly improved.

In 1993 I gave my first lesson as a group workshop which was covered further on Radio Kent. From there I gradually started to build up a student base from that small beginning. There was a gap of 7 years then in 2000 I intensified my activity in guitar teaching and from that time added other instruments to my repertoires such as the Banjo, Ukulele and Harmonica. I have taught one to one, groups, in schools, from beginners to advanced students.

Music Qualifications / Achievements:

  • Time served guitarist with 50 years guitar playing experience, self-taught musician, learned the hard way


“John was a very patient and enthusiastic guitar/mandolin teacher which was good because I was a novice musician and my playing probably hurt his ears. He took on board my inspirations and musical preferences and he prepared appropriate pieces of music for us to try out in our lessons. I would gladly recommend John to anyone.” - Monica Mandolin Student from Denmark

“We were very pleased with the guitar lessons John provided our 11-year-old daughter with. Not only was he knowledgeable and passionate about his music, but he also showed great versatility when encouraging my daughter to learn songs of her own choice. He was very accommodating of our queries and thoughts as parents, and always took time to answer our questions. John has the patience required to teach all levels and had been a tremendous support in keeping my daughter motivated. He is extremely reliable, which I feel is key to maintaining the progression.” - (Louise: Parent; Bluebell Hill)

"John tutored my 12-year-old daughter in Guitar for 3 & ½ years. I would not have had anybody else. He put a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge into his teaching and often got carried away so was never clock watching which I had experienced with other teachers. Emily was a particularly difficult student who could get bored easily especially if what she was doing was repetitive and she felt she had already learned it or was not learning from the session.

John was excellent at moving her on and teaching her the same thing in a different way so that she didn’t get bored with it. She usually couldn’t wait for her lessons and did practice, however, John was not a hard taskmaster and did not expect heavy amounts of homework done on top of other commitments. He did encourage her to play all the time and as my daughter is quite creative she had been inspired by John to make up some songs and try other instruments which she did through school.

John always came prepared to the lesson and my daughter was able to play different guitars and understand the difference between them, playing many different styles of music within their lessons. Also on a more practical note, I got all of this and a happy daughter for a very reasonable price and think it is well worth what I paid." - (Cheryl: Parent; All Hallows)

"John is a first-class guitar teacher with many great references to back up his achievements. My Guitar Lessons and My Keyboard Lessons would certainly advise anyone looking for lessons should pay John a visit." - Simon Devlin (CEO - My Guitar & Keyboard Lessons)

"I decided to learn to play a musical instrument to help keep my mind active as I approached retirement and beyond. It is also a skill that I greatly admire in others. I chose the mandolin as it is so resonant with music I enjoyed in my formative years and has only 4 (well 8 actually) strings so thought it should be easy; how wrong I was!

John has been teaching me for several months now and sharing my journey. As I am completely new to music theory, my ears are not yet attuned to varying notes/chords and the muscle memory required to play a musical instrument is much easier acquired as a child.

John is a very patient teacher who always finds ways to vary sessions so the subject is interesting and by approaching the same goal from differing angles helps me retain the lesson. His knowledge, skill and ability to improvise are excellent and he often uses the piano or guitar to reinforce a particular idea. I have no hesitation in recommending John as a tutor." - (Dave - Mandolin Student)


To book your first lesson with me, or to find out more about my lessons, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing me on [email protected].

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You can see where I teach my lessons from in the Google Map below, my full teaching address will be disclosed on booking your first lesson. I am also a mobile music teacher so can travel to you to teach you in the comfort of your own home – for more information simply get in touch.


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