Zoltan Farkas

  • Prices: £17.50 per half hour
  • Location: BS10 6JB
  • Instrument(s) Taught: Classical Guitar
  • Ages: 9+
  • Genres Covered: Classical, Blues, Metal
  • Contact: [email protected]

Teacher's Biography:

I was born in Hungary in 1979 and finished my Music School in Debrecen at the Simonffy Emil Music School in 2005.  I started to teach classical guitar back in 2002 and then when I moved to Bristol I joined the teaching staff of the Bristol Spanish Guitar Centre in 2008 where I am still working at present. Later on I joined the Bristol Classical Guitar Society too and I became the Musical Director of it until 2012.

I am a classical guitar specialist and would be delighted to teach you how to play the classical or Spanish guitar, as well as blues or metal guitar.


"Zoltan Farkas was an eminently talented guitar student at the Simonffy Emil School of Music in Debrecen, Hungary, where he studied under Adam Balint.

During six years of exceptional academic and performance success, Zoltan gave many acclaimed solo recitals in Debrecen and Ozd. His talent as a guitar teacher was widely acknowledged in Debrecen, which led to his participation in Educational School Programmes and he was well known for his work in the Institute of Physically and Mentally Handicapped Children and with children suffering from leukemia." - Music School from Hungary

"We are delighted to have a guitarist of Zoltan’s ability joining the teaching staff at the Spanish Guitar Centre, where he has presented concerts featuring his pupils of all abilities – from elementary to diploma standard. In recognition of his stature, the Bristol Guitar Society has appointed him their Musical Director." - Bristol Spanish Guitar Centre


Music Qualifications / Achievements:

  • Music School degree from Hungary
  • Geographer degree from Hungary
  • Grade 8 practical diploma at Trinity Guildhall
  • SIA Licence and CRB check
  • Some TV recordings on DVD-s from the 2000-s
  • Many concerts given in Hungary and in Bristol especially in and infront of the Bristol Classical Guitar Society


To book your first lesson with me, or to find out more about my lessons, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing me on [email protected].

Has Been Teaching Music For

5 Years+


BS10 6JB

Youngest Student Age Taught


DBS Certification

Basic Disclosure

Public Liability Insurance


Genres Covered

Classical, Blues, Metal

Teacher's Location

You can see where I teach my lessons from in the Google Map below, my full teaching address will be disclosed on booking your first lesson.

12 reviews for Zoltan Farkas


Greatly knowledgeable and meticulous teacher.
He showed a great attention to detail in our first class capturing immediately flaws in my technique towards improver level.
Thoroughly recommend!


Zoltan had been my daughters’ guitar tutor and supported tgem with accessing tgeir Trinity College grades for years. They achieved great results and always had a sense of achievement following their exams thanks to Zoltan’s systematic way of preparation. He is a hundred percent reliable, well-organized and an extremely knowledgeable Musician!


Zoltan is a fantastic, reliable and the most amiable guitar tutor I have ever had! I have been attending his lessons for about two years now (I am a grade 7 guitarist); there are no words to express the amount of improvement my technique, musical understanding and performance skills have gone through! I always look forward to his lessons, as I know I’ll come out of the room feeling a thousand times better than before. Zoltan is also very supportive: he prepared me for my grade 7 Trinity exam and for the Rotary Young Musician of the Year.
I can’t recommend him enough!


Zoltan is a stunning musician as well as a first class guitar tutor. He is easy going, friendly and above all patient…which with me he needs to be! He pays great attention not just only to technique and musical understanding but also to the different expression of feelings that can be found within a musical composition, and how to bring these alive.
Just a truly great teacher.


I was referred to Zoltan via the now defunct Bristol Spanish guitar centre. I had no previous experience of playing the guitar or indeed any other instrument nor could I read music. Zoltan was incredibly patient of my initial stumbling steps to become acquainted with the instrument. Always encouraging but nevertheless determined to ensure that I attained good basic technique before allowing me to move on. His joy when I managed to get something right was palpable.
His enthusiasm never dwindles.
Zoltan is also a fabulous player and listening to his playing is always a motivation to continue to learn.


I was referred to Zoltan via the now defunct Spanish Guitar Centre in Bristol. I had no previous experience of playing the guitar or indeed any instrument nor could I read music.
Zoltan was incredibly patient of my initial stumbling attempts to become acquainted with the instrument.
He is always encouraging whilst determined that I should acquire good basic technique before allowing me to move on. His pleasure when I manage to make small steps in the right direction is palpable.
He is also a fabulous player.


Zoltan has been my teacher for the last 8 years or so, and while I’ve been playing for around 30 years (since a 6 year old child), having had several other teachers, my technique and musical understanding has vastly improved since becoming Zoltan’s pupil. Technically, classical guitar is very challenging, with much potential for developing bad habits, strain, and even injury, without proper guidance. Zoltan is highly skilled and experienced at communicating the technical concepts, and judging the right approach for each individual at all levels. At the same time, Zoltan is ultimately driven by the musical material, and working to develop instincts of musical judgement and appreciation of structure in his pupils. Both technique and musical appreciation are essential to enrich our playing, and many teachers neglect one or other of these. It’s only Zoltan’s rare ability to teach both aspects so effectively that has allowed my playing to progress.


Zoltan is an enthusiastic, meticulous and remarkably patient tutor. He had been my son’s giutar teacher for almost 3 years. His sound theory knowledge and technical skills make him an excellent teacher.
I couldn’t recommend him enough regardless you are a beginner or you wish to improve your playing.


I have been taught by Zoltan for several years now and he has taken me on a journey into a new world of pure enjoyment. This journey has covered both the technical aspects of playing the instrument and at the same time a deep appreciation of musical awareness. His experience, knowledge, patience and passion is incredibly motivating and keeps me moving in the right direction. He has a meticulous attention to detail which means bad habits are caught and carefully un-learnt so I can be the best I possibly can. He has ensured my confidence continuously improves so I can still enjoy the true pleasure of finding pieces and exploring them with the instrument. I look forward to the future lessons with Zoltan where I know I shall continue to improve and to discover the challenging but beautiful instrument.


Great guitarist and great teacher. Zoltan’s passion for the guitar is infectious and inspirational. Whatever your technical level Zoltan will provide a development plan to suit you and your ability.
He also has a huge knowledge of the guitar repertoire and encourages your musical interpretation to really add to your playing and enjoyment.
A lesson with Zoltan is a real musical experience and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their playing or is taking up the guitar for the first time.


Zoltan is a great teacher. I feel he uses the right levels of encouragement and criticism of my playing to help me progress. He is open to whatever music I bring to the lessons whether it be blues, jazz, bossa nova as well as the classical style. He will make you view the guitar in far greater detail and show you how the achieve that level of detail. He’s is also a really nice guy!


Zoltan is very skillful guitar player, enthusiastic musician and a great teacher. He will guide you through your journey step by step. I have a great experience learning with him. He is the best guitar teacher I can recommend by far.

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