Trevor – Guitar Lessons East London

We are delighted to feature Trevor as the national guitar teacher of the week. Trevor is an extremely experienced guitar teacher based in East-London, providing professional guitar lessons for students of all abilities.

He covers a wide array of different musical styles, including classical and contemporary rock, pop & folk, as well as some flamenco and alternative music. In addition, he is able to help his students undertake graded examinations, or alternatively simply learn for their own pleasure.

As you would expect, Trevor is a very well qualified guitar teacher, having gained a Distinction within the Access to Music, Music Educator Program, alongside a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree & Certificate to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTTLS), Level 4. These qualifications are combined with over 11 years teaching experience, including providing all-level guitar tuition for London Councils, to enable Trevor to deliver extremely high-quality guitar tuition tailored to each of his individual students.

Alongside his guitar tuition, Trevor is able to provide a guitar maintenance and repairs service – offering a full Acoustic Setup as well as a full Electric Setup, both of which include Neck Adjustments, Nut adjustments and Saddle Adjustments. Ensuring your guitar is properly set up can make a significant impact on the quality of sound that you are able to produce, for example, beginner to intermediate students will struggle to fully fret a note on the guitar if that action is too high.

This is because a higher action will require a larger amount of pressure to be applied to the string before it plays a clean, fret-buzz free note and often beginner to intermediate guitarists simply don’t have the finger strength required to be able to apply such pressure. Even for more experienced guitarists play a guitar with a high action is incredibly uncomfortable and can cause damage or unnecessary¬†wear on your fingers. Therefore, ensuring your guitar is properly set up can make a world of difference when it comes to producing a quality guitar sound, without fret-buzz.

For both guitar lesson and guitar maintenance¬†queries for students living in the London area don’t hesitate to reach out to Trevor to see what he can offer you.

Trevor - Guitar Lessons East London

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