Udi Glaser – Professional Guitar Teacher in London

We are delighted to feature Udi Glaser as our guitar teacher of the week. Udi is a professional guitar tutor based in London, able to provide guitar lessons to students able to travel to his home studio in the Crouch End, Highgate area of North London. He welcomes students of all abilities from across North & Central London, as well as further afield, to take individually tailored guitar lessons aimed at helping to students to reach their full potential on the guitar.

Udi is an extremely experienced guitar teacher, having taught professionally for over 15 years, providing both individual private guitar lessons as well as music tuition within local schools. He is a qualified guitar teacher having gained a B.A. in Musicology, Diploma in Sound Control and a Certificate in Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Games.

He covers a wide range of different genres, including classical guitar, as well as contemporary styles of pop, rock, metal and blues. He is also able to provide tuition for those interested in learning about Spanish guitar, Ethnic and World Music. Yet, it is Udi’s dedication to ensuring that his pupils have a good understanding of the correct techniques when playing the guitar across all genres that sets Udi apart in terms of the quality of his lessons, enabling him to help students to learn how to improvise, compose and sight read.

Indeed, his students clearly value this approach to his tuition, with one student noting “Udi is patient, perceptive and versatile – so I have learned some rock, blues and Elizabethan music from him. A great player and encouraging teacher.” (Martin Weegmann), while another student would “would recommend him to anyone who would like to learn the guitar or to improve their skills” (Melanie).

Alongside his guitar tuition, Udi is also an experienced composer of music for film, as well as an active guitarist and musician in his own right – both of which no doubt benefit his ability to provide guitar lessons to more advanced players. For guitars of all abilities based in London, or beyond thanks to Udi’s ability to provide guitar lessons online, it is well worth getting in touch with Udi to see how he can help you improve your guitar playing.

Udi Glaser - Guitar Teacher London

Contact Udi Glaser:

Website: udiguitar.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/udiguitar

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