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Hello! I'm Gina, a professional piano teacher based in Salt Lake City.
I offer professional Piano lessons to learners of all ages in Salt Lake City.

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Gina Barton

I like to make sure my Piano lessons are always of the highest quality possible. I like to make sure my students always learn and enjoy the piano.

I teach a wide range of ages however, I would recommend starting no younger than 4 years old.

I am a lover of music as a whole. Due to this, I am always happy to discover a wide range of genres together as part of our piano lessons.

I have over 40+ years experience in teaching and in the music industry.

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Piano Lessons in the Salt Lake City area available in hour-long sessions.

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1 Hour Lessons


I offer hour-long lessons to all of my students regardless of age or skill level. I feel an hours lesson once per week is enough to see some real progress & cover all aspects of your playing.

What my students say

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Daniel D

'Gina Barton is the best teacher around! She has so much experience and new innovative ways of helping her students learn. I am amazed by how she used technology to make music more fun and interactive for her students.'

Nelson A

'Gina is an outstanding piano teacher; she is knowledgeable and thorough in her technique. Our daughter started taking lessons when she was 6 and, after only two years, it is marvelous to see how far she has gone and hear how beautiful she can play. Our home is now filled with music that our daughter enjoys playing because of the fun and effective methods that Gina uses. Hands down one of the best teachers I have seen. I highly recommend Barton Music School.'

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 253 reviews)

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Anna S

'Gina has been excellent thus far and I am excited to continue working with her! She has a very high tech studio to help kids learn, is very organized, and you can tell she puts all her effort into her students.'

About Your New
Piano Teacher

Expert Piano Teacher Helping You Improve Rapidly.

I am an experienced teacher who has been teaching piano to students of all levels and ages for 40+years. My teaching has evolved from private lessons to semi-private, and group piano as well as online classes using technology and cutting edge music software.

I will always try to make sure we incorporate the artists and music that you enjoy during our lessons. I really feel that this is the key to making fast and good progress in your playing.

I am an experienced teacher who also has a great deal of experience in working with children. I understand the best methods and ways to teach young learners whilst ensuring that the lessons are still enjoyable.

I'm classically trained however, I have evolved to teaching jazz, improvisation, and composition. My motto is to develop "Functional Musicians." I am happy to teach you a wide variety of genres however my training will ensure I always pay great attention to detail.

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Location of Lessons

I currently take the majority of my lessons from my home teaching studio in South Jordan, UT 84009 area of Salt Lake City. This is a great place to learn because you can really feel comfortable whilst learning as well as being able to build your confidence in a good environment.

My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.

Local Piano Teacher Tips:

Music Shops in Salt Lake City:

There are a few great options in the area when it comes to music stores. If you want more options, I would recommend travelling further away.

Acoustic Music is the most obvious option available in the area and caters mostly to guitarists and singer-songwriters. If you are looking to buy a starter guitar both new and used then this is the place for you. You can find the store on 857 400 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84102.

The other option for a general all-round music store would be Q Music store where you will find a lot of different types of instruments on offer. You can find the store at 4143 Carriage Square, Salt Lake City, UT 84129.

Music Courses in Salt Lake City:

There are some great further education options in the area as well where you can really take your music education to the next level.

The first option I would recommend would be The University Of Utah. Here you can find some great music-based courses that cater to those who want to take their musical studies to the next level. They have a dedicated school of music.

The other option I would recommend would be the music course available at Salt Lake Community College. Here you can enrol in a two-year program where you will learn about all aspects of music including performance and composition.

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