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We are delighted to feature Westminster Pianos as our music shop of the week, located in Upton Cottage, Plantation Farm, Tarrant Hinton, Blandford, DT11 8BZ in Dorset. The business has a long history of providing piano repairs and tuning stretching back two generations.

With the business first started by Ronald Ware on his return back from National Service, when Ronald learned how to repair, restore and tune pianos. Following his time working at Hickies he set up his own tuning and piano repair business, developing a reputation for being able to restore top of the market grand pianos.

Ronald’s expertise were passed down to his son, Nigel Ware, who might well have been the youngest piano tuner in the world during the early eighties, having started learning how to play the piano from the age of 8. Over the years Nigel has worked with pianos of all sorts, including some of the very best pianos that money can by. He continues to run the business repairing and restoring pianos, including Steinway pianos, for clients across the UK and beyond.

The business prides itself on using the traditional materials during repairs, for example, by using traditional varnishes rather than modern spray materials. Careful to ensure that craftsmanship of the repair contributes to the sound of the piano, rather than simply fixing the piano’s appearance, Nigel puts many hours into completing a piano restoration with fantastic results.

Westminster Pianos also sell pianos, with used uprights for sale from just £1200 (which can also include a free tuning after delivery), ideal for intermediate music students looking to purchase their first piano. For more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nigel directly to see what he can offer you.

Contact Information:

Website: pianos.eu.com

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: facebook.com/dorset.pianos

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