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Eliza Fyfe - Singing Lessons Bristol Teacher Since May 2013 - "Testimony Quote Goes Here"

Eliza Fyfe – Singing Lessons Bristol Teacher Since May 2013

Here at MGR Music Tuition we are always keen to start working alongside passionate music teachers, who are driven to provide quality and professional music tuition to their students. We currently work with guitar, piano, singing and drum teachers throughout the UK, as well as in Dublin, Ireland, providing over 100 music teachers with students to teach. We work with a huge range of different tutors, from those studying at university to those that are well known professional musicians in their own rights.

We are also keen to help develop and support new teachers, ensuring that they grow and develop as tutors and musicians. This support comes through providing access to one of the UK’s largest networks of active and engaged music teachers, allowing teachers at different stages of their teaching careers to seek advice and provide support to their peers. We have fantastic feedback from the teachers that we work with, having work with many teachers for several years (in some cases since the inception of the business) and we would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming part of the team.

If you have a passion for teaching music and are interested in finding out more about music teacher jobs please do get in touch with us by emailing It is also well worth visiting the Music Teacher Jobs page of the website, it has plenty of information about how to promote your CV as a music teacher, as well as local job opportunities and strategies to generate yourself more private music students.

You will also find an application form to gain your free profile – well worth doing to increase your marketing exposure on the internet. create fantastically designed profiles for music teachers and can help generate you more students, turning your private tuition into a part-time / full-time form of employment.

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