Music Teacher Jobs

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Music Teacher Jobs

Guitarist Playing the Guitar

Part-Time & Full-Time Music Teacher Jobs

Finding full-time or part-time employment as a music teacher is no easy task, both here in the UK, as well as internationally. Yet, working hard to identify potential teaching opportunities, creating a fantastic CV and interviewing to a high standard will dramatically increase a teacher’s chances of landing their dream role.

This can be of a surprise to some music teachers. Both those who recently graduated as well as even the most experienced music teachers. The truth is that entering or re-entering into the job market without new zeal, openness for job opportunities and determination to persist with CVs, interviews and rejections, will lead to a teacher being out-competed by other music teachers who have put in the hard work.

If you are ready to work on increasing your chances of landing a part-time or full-time music teacher job then here are your next three steps:

1. Work on Your CV

Informative, rememberable and accurate! This is the key to a fantastic CV. Over the last few years, we have received hundreds of CVs from prospective music teachers. Truth be told, a fair proportion of these CVs were poor quality; littered with spelling mistakes, void of anything especially interesting and not focused towards a role that they were trying to apply for.

Therefore, we would recommend creating a well-written CV that has been professionally designed. The investment in a professionally designed CV is certainly worth the return if it helps you land your chosen role. The design, which should supplement your content, will help your CV to be visually rememberable.

The content should accurately convey your professional experience, as well as your personality, without embellishment or generic phrases. Statements like:

“I am a dedicated music teacher, with many years teaching experience to students of all ages and abilities”…we have heard it before!

Do not stand you out from other music teacher’s applications. Focus on winning the reader over with your personality; “Since 2004 I have taught private piano students in a leafy suburb of north-London...” is a good example of this. By writing compelling content the chances of your CV being read in full massively increase. This means you can embed your experience and qualifications in the mind of the reader; without giving them a generic bullet point list that makes them glaze over what you have to offer.

2. Job Prospecting

There is a golden truth in the concept that research is your key to employment success! Fail to adequately research the job opportunities on offer and you might miss out on an ideal role; or worse still, you pursue roles that you have no hope of landing. Afterall, the emphasis is on you, as the individual seeking employment, to find a suitable role to apply to. Therefore, you need to focus on;

  1. Where you can source suitable opportunities*
  2. Have a framework in place to enable you to analyze these opportunities
  3. Use this framework to ensure you invest time in applications that have a high chance of success

*There are some fantastic job board websites for music teachers looking for part-time/full-time one. The likes of The Guardian’s Jobs and for UK based jobs and for international music teaching jobs.

3. Create an online profile

Promote yourself and get applying! Once you have selected the roles you believe are suitable and have a good chance of success then really focus on putting together high-quality applications. You must explain in detail why you are the right candidate for the role. This means focusing on each application individually. Your application should also explain why you want to work for this company/school in particular; is it the company’s/school’s culture, history, successes, students, teachers etc.?

We know that music companies and schools research their job candidates extensively online. Therefore, we recommend signing up to the national music teacher database. All the music teacher profiles featured in the national music teacher database have been professionally designed and optimised to rank extremely highly in Google for teacher’s direct name searches.

This means that potential employers who research a teacher’s online presence are more likely to find their national music teacher database profile. To sign up for a free profile simply fill out your teaching information on this page. It might just be the best use of your next 5 minutes if you are looking for full-time music teacher jobs!

Public School Music Teacher Roles

Teaching music to students who attend public or private schools is a dream job for many music teachers. Teaching positions tend to be well paid, often lasting for many years, with upward career mobility to heads of department.

It is a lucrative career path for music teachers able to secure these allusive positions, which relatively infrequently become available. Therefore, it is important for music teachers to keep up to date with any openings at public/private schools should they wish to secure a position at some of the leading educational institutions in the world; something we are able to help with here at

For public school music teacher jobs excellent qualifications, extensive experience and a clear passion for helping learners to develop their music abilities are an essential, as well as good communication and personal skills.

We help music teachers to develop an online presence that will make them stand-out compared to their peers. Music schools are researching potential teacher’s internet presence, including their public social media accounts. So give your potential future employers a dedicated music teacher profile to read. Simply submit your teaching information in the form on the right of this page and we will do the rest!

Music Teacher Jobs in International Schools

Swap rainy weather for warmer climates by exploring teaching opportunities in international music schools across the globe. In recent years I have known music teachers seeking employment in countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Australia and The Cayman Islands. With international job opportunities for well-qualified music teachers becoming more common as funding, especially within the middle-east for music positions increasing dramatically over the last 10 years.

Consequently, music teacher jobs within these countries are often well remunerated. In addition, often teachers in these countries are also highly respected for their expertise. We have been contacted by music schools from countries like The Cayman Islands to suggest music teachers. When this happens we reach out to teachers in our community who we believe would be interested in the position to help them seek employment abroad.

We also work closely with music tuition businesses from around the world, including those in Australia and India to provide unique opportunities for music teachers to go on short-term exchanges and teaching programs. Alongside this, we would also advise keeping an eye on international job platforms, is a great one for opportunities for music teachers to work abroad in well-paid roles.

Private Music Teacher Jobs

Working as a private music teacher requires dedicating time to promoting your services to potential music students. We have termed this work as generating consistent “enquiry streams” for music teachers. Giving them the confidence to know that as music students naturally drop away there will be new student enquiries coming in to fill their places.

As all music teachers know each music student has a “student life-cycle”; namely a natural length of time that student will engage your services for music lessons. For some students, this will be a single lesson while many of the most dedicated students will attend lessons their favourite music teacher’s lessons for years.

It is critical for music teachers to understand this natural student life-cycle; we recommend that they gather data to calculate their average student “life-cycle”. This will give them a natural average drop away of students, helping them to focus on the numbers of new students they need to enquire to help them maintain or grow their student numbers.

We work with teachers to help them to increase their enquiry numbers by building new enquiry streams for them through enabling potential music students to find out about their music lessons. This has helped many private music teachers turn their teaching business into a part-time or full-time employment. Something that Jack Craig, a guitar teacher we work with in Reading testifies to; “I couldn’t have got through the hard times without the students you’ve given me.”

Matthew awarded the Express & Echo Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.

About the author:

Matthew has helped hundreds of music teachers find part-time and full-time employment since founding MGR Music Tuition in 2013. With over 34,500 private music student enquiries and counting, music teachers across the UK have benefited from being part of the teacher community.

Matthew has won entrepreneurial awards for his work, creating fantastic online profiles for music teachers. He has enabled these teachers to showcase their ability as a professional music educator to prospective employers and music students.

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