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    Here are all your notes for each lesson!

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    Warm Ups:
    – Find Welcome Pack attached (in email) which includes the Body Conditioning (stretches etc.) we covered (at the bottom)
    – Vowel Scales (“ma”s for the harder mid-range break notes) work on getting those lower notes, but maybe skip the first 3 or 4 as they may be too low for you
    – Bella Senoras (more of a stretch) and na/yeah scales to find your louder voice – we didn’t do these today but if you copy the way I sing them in the recording, they should help (find mp3’s attached to start practising)
    – It may seem crazy, but shout out “Woohoo!”, “hey, oi, yeah!” to find your bigger, calling out voice and find the without-thinking reflex projected sound

    Stay With Me:
    – Very good rhythm, and you definitely know the notes so it’s just being confident singing on your own. Get the lyrics up on the computer and sing to the attached karaoke, nice and loud in the privacy of your own room!
    Think of some other songs you might like to try, or we can just carry on with Stay With Me, as it’s fairly chilled out and straight forward and suits your range.

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