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Teacher Qualifications Explained

On our music teacher profiles sometimes you will see that a vocal coach says that they are “Certified by Institute for Vocal Advancement”, have studied “Speech Level Singing” or taken “Estill Voice Training” Courses. As a student interested in taking lessons with the right singing tutor it is useful to understand what these certifications mean to determine if a particular teacher is the right one for you.

The Institute for Vocal Advancement, for example, have a range of courses for singing teachers undertake, focused on “teaching the fundamentals and pedagogy of the healthiest, most highly effective vocal technique possible”. This is achieved by incorporating the most advanced scientific understanding of the voice into the program, giving teachers a cutting-edge understanding of how to help individuals learn to sing.

Speech Level Singing was developed by Seth Riggs and has been used by more than 120 Grammy winners as a methodology to improve vocal strength, control and tone. It is focused around the positioning of the larynx, ensuring that it does not “jump around”, to give the singer control of the power and sound that they produce. A teacher who has studied Speech Level Singing is likely to explore the positioning of your larynx to help you improve your sound.

Another popular course for singing teachers to take is Estill Voice Training where vocal coaches are taught “to identify and resolve specific vocal problems that have resulted in fatigue or damage to the vocal folds”, exploring the technical side of how the mechanics of the voice work. This is especially useful for students who have problems with the speaking or singing voice that they are looking to resolve.

There are many more courses that singing teachers can take, with the above representing some of the most popular courses. Of course, one paragraph on each course doesn’t do justice to the extensive knowledge that a teacher learns by taking a qualification – so don’t be afraid to ask them about the certification that they have gained and why the knowledge they have acquired from the course might be applicable to you as a student.

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