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Alternatively, use the quick search links below to bring you through to one of our city or town hubs. There you can find more information about local teachers, drum shops and music courses. You can also send in an enquiry directly to us to help match you with a local or online drum teacher.












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Hybrid Drum Lessons

Lawrence Giles - Hybrid Drum Lessons
Lawrence Giles – dedicated hybrid drum specialist

Alongside these city & town hubs, we also work with a dedicated hybrid drum teacher Lawrence Giles who is able to provide online courses helping you to master the basics of hybrid drumming.

So what is hybrid drumming I hear you ask? Hybrid drumming is incorporating technology into what is seen as the “traditional drum kit”, for example, including sample and percussion pads, as well as drum modules into your drum kit set-up. This allows a drum to produce a far more versatile sound, that can be ideal for music traversing a wide range of different genres – including, pop, rock, electronic, drum and bass and many more. If you are interested in finding out more about hybrid drumming don’t hesitate to drop Lawerence an email on [email protected].

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