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Any tips for teaching somebody pregnant? (Singing Teachers)

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    Eliza Jane Fyfe

    Hey! Any tips for teaching somebody pregnant? All is normal so far, she’s 6 months in. I am starting to notice she’s more breathless though, must be simply because of the sprog pressing against the diaphragm?!

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    Chris Harknett
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    I’ve got someone who just conceived, so any tips as you figure it out would be great!


    Matt Pocock
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    Massive topic! Someone on my course was pregnant while she did the MA, and she noticed enormous changes in her voice. Her range extended enormously at both ends (Eb above soprano C down to Db below Middle C), but she found that her voice was unsteady and she didn’t feel like she knew the boundaries any more.

    Also, I’ve heard that many singing teachers don’t teach pregnant women because they don’t want to mess with the abdomen when there’s a baby in there. I’ve taught a pregnant woman before and I had to stop the lessons because I didn’t feel comfortable playing with that danger! But totally up to your discretion and how well the woman knows her body.


    Beckie Tunnicliffe
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    When I taught a pregnant lady last year we avoided strenuous breathing exercises, as I didn’t want to mess around with the diaphragm/abdominal area! We focused on pitching a lot more as that was an area she wasn’t confident with and she continued the lessons right up until due date! 🙂


    Eliza Jane Fyfe
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    OK that’s useful. I certainly don’t think I would stop and not go near pregnant women, it’s only singing which isn’t all too different to talking, so surely you just have to get them to relax and not over-breathe really! I don’t think there’s much pregnant women need to stop doing in their normal lives anyway, just wondering what physically changes/becomes more difficult when pregnant.


    Ruth Adamson
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    I have a pregnant lady at the min!! useful stuff!

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