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What to do with a student who had glandular for a long time? (Singing Teachers)

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    Laura Ratcliffe

    Hi everyone – please help! I have a student who had glandular for a long time – recovered now- you can sometimes here a kind of swollen gland sound when she sings and she wants to know if we can still work on belting/mix – She has a great voice but I don’t want to do anything that might compromise her voice? Trying to research but not finding much… cheers guys.. hope you’re all good xxx

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    Laura Ratcliffe
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    PS she says nothing hurts when she sings


    Matt Pocock
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    Eep – no idea! I’d try to find a SLT in your area who you can ask!


    Ruth Adamson
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    Send her to the gp and hopefully ENT to check everything out?

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