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Based in Mayfair the London Singing Institute provides adult singing lessons suitable for students of all learning abilities. With a philosophy that anyone can learn to sing, providing that they are given the right guidance and develop a healthy approach to practice, the vocal school is managed by one of London’s leading music teachers Stefan Joubert.

Stefan, who runs the London Piano Institute and London Guitar Institute, is well known for providing extremely high-quality music tuition to students across London. The London Singing Institute will be no exception, with lessons covering a wide number of different musical genres on offer for students who enrol.

Lessons start from £165 per month, with a variety of different lesson lengths and packages on offer. The £185 per calendar month for 4 x 60 minutes, with a one time £95 registration fee is a popular choice for students. In addition, lessons can be arranged to take place either in Mayfair or in the City of London – as well as on Skype from anywhere in the world. Group singing lessons are also available, with the school focused on creating fun courses of lessons that will help build your confidence, vocal strength and overall tone.

By combining with the London Guitar and Piano Institutes the school is able to offer students the chance to participate in events and showcases. This is an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded students and build up your performance experience, perfect for students interested in developing a musical career. For more information about London Singing Insititute simply get in touch with them directly using the contact information below.

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