Music Method

Music Method

Music Method is a new website, hoping to offer useful ideas, resources and recommendations to anyone involved with teaching music, but especially peripatetic and private music teachers. It has a growing bank of free downloadable resources, a blog offering teaching tips and a platform to discuss ideas, and much more. This website is very much hot off the press and open to any requests for music resources of any kind via social media!

As the site is so new, we’re open to taking it in whatever direction will be genuinely useful for music teachers. There aren’t many sites out there with a focus on peripatetic or private teaching needs – we’re more likely to need to print a one-off theory sheet or to find one quick and adaptable ensemble piece than we are to need lengthy curriculum plans or full workbooks. The hope is that Music Method will become a go-to website for people to find good resources and develop their instrumental teaching practice, so it would be great for other teachers to let us know what they would like to see available for them online. Teachers can get in touch via the website, the Music Method Facebook group, or Twitter (@MusicMethodLDN). The more support we get on social media, the more resources we will be able to make.

The website is run by myself, Chloe Angharad. I’m a flute player and I studied first at Oxford and then at the Royal Academy of Music in London. As well as teaching privately, I have previously taught as a visiting music teacher in primary schools across Newham as part of the Every Child a Musician programme, and have also worked as secondary school Music Teacher at an all-girls school in the capital. The Music Method site is basically the result of this mixed background in digital publishing, music and education – and it’s really fun!! What’s even better is that my mum happens to be an amazing artist, so the site and resources feature adorable woodland animal metronome characters, so is definitely worth a look.

Basic facts:

  • Website:
  • Facebook: or search @MusicMethodLDN
  • Twitter: @MusicMethodLDN
  • [email protected]
  • Website started July 2017 (although it was being designed for many months beforehand!)
  • Run by a teacher with experience of private, peripatetic and classroom experience
  • Resources for use in lessons
  • Blogs to inspire and open discussion
  • We advocate a student-led approach to teaching and we think learning an instrument should be enriching and joyful!

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